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Cameron Mcghee

Fitness Model, Fashion Model and Everyday Athlete



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Day to Day Workout

Please click below to view workouts for each day. Please note that Saturday and Sundays are for rest & recovery respectively.

Incline dumbell press
70 lbs x 10reps
80 lbs x 10reps
90 lbs x 10reps
100 lbs x 10reps

Decline dumbell press
75 lbs - 15reps
80 lbs - 15reps
85 lbs - 15reps 

Flat bench dumbell press
80 lbs - 10reps
85 lbs - 10reps
90 lbs - 10reps
95 lbs - 10reps

Mactrue pectonal fys  
130 lbs 3sets 15reps 

Dumbell hammer curls
35 lbs x 10reps
40 lbs x 10reps
45 lbs x 10reps

Cable EZ bar curls
95 lbs - 10 12 12
100 lbs - 10reps

Alternated curls
40 lbs - 8reps
45 lbs - 8reps
50 lbs - 8reps 

Seated cable rows(4sets of 10reps)
1st set 110lbs for 10reps
2nd set 120 for 10reps
3rd set 130 for 10reps
4th set 140lb for 10reps

Bent over barbell rows(4sets of 10s w/145lbs)
1st set for 10 reps
2nd set for 10 reps
3rd set for 10reps
4th set for 10reps

Single arm dumbell row(4set of 8s)
1st set 50lbs for 8reps
2nd set 55lbs for 8reps
3rd set 60lbs for 8reps
4th set 65lbs for 8reps

Pull ups(4sets of 10reps) bodyweight

Hyper extension(3sets of 15 reps) body weight

Dumbell Side lateral raises
25lbs 3sets for 15reps

Dumbell front raises super set w/ rope cable front raises
30lbs 3sets for 10reps

Underhand front raises
35lbs 3set for 10reps

Plate loaded shoulder presses
50lbs for 20reps
95lbs for 15reps
140lbs for 10reps
170lbs for5reps

Bent over rear delt flys
20lbs 4sets for 10reps

Dumbell shrugs
2set for 20reps

Rope tricep pulldowns
40lbs for 25reps
50lbs for15reps
55lbs for 15reps

Tricep dips
3sets for 10reps(bodyweight)

Underhand tricep pulldown(using straight bar)
35lbs 3set for 12reps

Barbell squats(weight of choice)
1set for 10reps
2nd set for 8reps
3rd set for 8reps
4th set for 8reps

Quad extension
70lbs for 10reps
80lbs for 10reps
90lbs for 10 reps
100lbs for 10reps

Front squats(smith machine)
145lbs 4sets for 8reps

Weight loaded leg presses(your choice of weight)
3set for 12 reps

Lying leg curls
70lbs for 10reps
80lbs for 10reps
90lbs for 10rep
100lbs for 10reps

Walking lunges(finisher)
Knee raises(4set for 12 reps)
Laying leg raises(4sets for 12reps)
Crunches(4sets for 12reps)
Bicycle ab crunches(until failure)

Randomly pick a muscle group of your choice to re-train



Fashion Tips

  • Buy clothes that actually fits (know your size and body type).
  • Keep it simple: while creating a casual wordrobe you want to have a gentleman color blend. keep it simple, nothing loud!
  • Grooming and Hygiene: make sure your hair is nicely cut and onpoint followed by clean shaved or nicely trimed beared. Smelling good in public is always catchy.
  • Shoes: have you a pair of shoes that'd go with almost anything. Dress shoes and loafers are old fashion but will never go out of style.

Meet Cameron Mcghee. He was transformed from a bulky 210lbs football player to 173lbs of rippling muscles and a body of Greek god. Cameron came from a small country town called Madison, Florida 40 minutes East of Tallahassee, Florida. His after school activities consist of drama classes, playing varsity football, running track and attending weightlifting meets by competing on the weightlifting team. Cameron was raised in a two parent home with strong Christian beliefs which instilled many values in him this day. While graduating Madison high he decided to enroll in north Florida community college as a full-time student upon completing a semester and a half Cameron discontinued college due to financial reasons.

 Next he became interested in becoming a fitness model, right then an there he made a decision that health and fitness has to be a priority and part of his lifestyle to achieve a chiseled physique. After accomplishing that goal of having a rock hard physique Cameron started modeling, during his career of modeling Cameron has been featured in runways, fitness calendars and appearances on Las Vegas now TV show etc. He has an everlasting flame for the world of modeling and is looking forward to see what more the world has to offer. Here’s a quote he lives by "never give up on your dreams".

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